About Us and Why

At Great Migration Camps, we have drawn inspiration from the pioneering safari days of old to recreate an experience that gets you right into the very heart of the incredible bio-diversity that exists there in the Serengeti.

Set against the backdrop of the great wildebeest migration, our completely mobile, self-sufficient and environmentally-friendly camp can travel anywhere in the Serengeti depending on the time of year and the stage and location of the migration, giving you a front row set to one of Mother Nature’s greatest events. It was scientist Anthony R. E. Sinclair who described the Serengeti as “the world’s greatest wildlife region” and Great Migration Camps is expertly positioned to take you right into the heart of it.

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the African bush and knowledge of the wildlife, geography, geology and history of the Serengeti and surrounding areas, join us for a truly unforgettable safari in one of the world’s premier places to view and experience African wildlife.


Carel Verhoef
Born and raised during the wilder days of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Carel grew up at one with his natural surroundings, eventually becoming a safari guide and camp manager in east Africa for more than 10 years. His professional guiding career has taken him to many corners of the African continent including two years based in the Serengeti where he intimately learnt the history, terrain, wildlife and eco-systems of the region while understanding and documenting the science and rationale behind one of nature’s greatest events; the great wildebeest migration.
Carel has also worked as business development manager at Safari365, East and Central Africa manager at Discover Africa and was the founder and creator behind HerdTracker, the popular online resource which tracks the migration.
Be it climbing mountains, tracking and spotting game such as big cats and elephants while on safari such as big cats, Carel knows better than anyone what will make your visit to east Africa extraordinary. Spend a few minutes in conversation and you’ll quickly realise he is a man of the bush, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and charisma to make your experience on safari with Great Migration Camps an unforgettable one.
Sally Grierson
Gifted with a love of travel, nature & the spirit of adventure since a young child, Sally has always felt at home in the great outdoors. Born in Zimbabwe but raised in Cape Town, she trained as a physiotherapist at the University of Cape Town before spreading her wings to explore the wider world while working and travelling extensively andusing her chosen field of profession to treat patients in the UK, US and New Zealand. Mountains and hiking have always been a passion and she has traversed peaks and mountain tops from Nepal to South America and was part of the team that assisted the first female quadriplegic to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the highest summit in Africa. Her love of the great continent she grew up in brought her back to Cape Town where she switched careers to the travel and tourism industry establishing Cape Point Route, an inbound marketing company for visitors to the ‘Mother City’. She currently lives in Arusha, Tanzania with her partner Carel Verhoef but is still very much engaged and working remotely for her beloved Cape Town and Cape Point Route while at the same time using her marketing skills and travel experience to promote the wildlife and beauty that is her East African home and Great Migration Camps. One of her favourite sayings is and old African proverb: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’
Oscar Smuts
Oscar loves to build businesses almost as much as he loves being in nature. From a young age, he saddled up his horse, packed some essential supplies, and spent extended periods of time camping on their farms in the Karoo, South Africa. It was here where nature became part of his being. Schooled in Zimbabwe but educated at the University of Stellenbosch, Oscar has always loved to travel and made it his personal mission to visit interesting and marginalized destinations every year. After spending almost a decade in the telecommunications industry traveling all across Africa as a supply chain specialist, he transitioned his focus and started plying his trade in Advertising; specifically to help companies improve their route to market (RTM) strategies. In between his travels, he now uses every opportunity to spend as much time as possible on their family farm in Kleinmond, South Africa with his wife and two daughters.